Book: The Stone of Language

The Stone of Language

The Stone of Language

by Anya Achtenberg

96 pages. West End Press, 2006

The Stone of Language “move[s] from the stories of individual lives to the events that have entered our global consciousness. They explore the world of work, from circuses to wedding ring factories to classrooms; and the world of war, from the agonies of Israel/Palestine to the Bosnian war to New York of 9/11. They examine the need for flight and the recovery of ancestral knowledge. While they rage against injustice, they also search for healing. Above all they are songs of the people’s struggle.”—New Pages

“Anya Achtenberg’s visionary workshops on writing for social change have received national acclaim. With this book of poetry, she practices what she preaches—redreaming a just world—in a way that is simply breathtaking.”—Demetria Martínez

How to order The Stone of Language

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