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New creative writing class coming up very soon!

with Anya Achtenberg, The Disobedient Writer

Roads into Writing: Multi-genre Stunners! to open new terrain in your work

Short weekly readings/discussions across the genres—multicultural and global, contemporary and earlier—and weekly Zoom meetings and feedback, help us glean powerful stimuli to:

1. Widen and deepen content and context in our writing;
2. grapple with—and expand our ability to use—many forms of narration creatively and effectively, with power and authenticity;
3. discover brilliant craft approaches in concrete ways;
4. expand creativity and associative power;
5. explore techniques and strategies to support our writing and our process; and
6. painlessly, joyously, propel us into our best language, surprising and original—to go deep; creates new worlds, characters, and approaches to story.
These focused readings from stories, whether fiction or memoir; poems; articles and essays; scripts and screenplays; and hybrid works—help you dip into infinitely varied and expansive approaches of fine writers to thorny and essential aspects of writing, as well as a wide spectrum of subjects. These readings and discussions illuminate craft in ways that become your own through your working with inspired writing explorations. 

Weekly writing explorations, and feedback and support
As you write with the support, spark, guidance and inspiration of weekly writing explorations, you’re brought into deep contact with craft to open your writing in surprising ways. Whether writing new works; deepening/refining previous writing; or continuing ongoing projects; you’ll find great resources here. Each week, you’ll receive expansive and detailed critique, both written and live on Zoom, from me and the other writers.

Note: Why multi-genre?
You needn’t write in more than one genre, but the weekly readings, and the writings of other participants, bring a kind of cross-fertilization to each of us. As, for instance, film has impacted written narrative; journalism has inspired song and poetry; novels have gone to film; history digested in the psyches of characters becomes fiction which allows us to face history; myths and folktales have fed poetry and blossomed into novels; theater scripts teach novelists and memoirists much about dialogue’s purpose, power, and dramatic impact; on and on….

Don’t miss joining this workshop of both discovery of craft and serious production of new work.

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