Payment Details

Dear Writers,

Payment for the various writer’s services and workshops I provide will easily be done through e-mail. After we have determined what your bill is for our consultations and manuscript work, or when you let me know that you want to register for a private class or workshop that is listed with fee information, I will e-mail you an invoice that will have a Paypal button on it. You will be able to use your own credit or check card, or your Paypal account (very easy to set up, and very secure), and pay quickly online. (Please note, I will teach at some workshops where payment is handled directly by the writers’ conference, organization or educational institution sponsoring the event, as the instructions will say.)

As soon as I receive that agreed upon payment, I can begin working with your manuscript, or we can set up appointments for our consultations. For those who want to attend my independent in-person workshops or classes, the click of this button with your payment will complete your registration along with the information you have provided as directed for that particular event or series.

Of course, you can also pay by check, or we can make other arrangements by email or telephone.

Thanks for your attention on this, and I look forward to working with you.

Anya Achtenberg

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