A(3)jcropped (1) (2)Hi, I’m Anya Achtenberg.

I am an award winning author of fiction and poetry, and a long-time teacher of fiction, memoir and poetry.

My fiction and poetry have received numerous prizes and distinctions and been published in numerous literary journals. I am currently completing another novel, History Artist, which centers in a young woman of Cambodian and African American origins who was born at the moment the US invasion of Cambodia began.

My teaching and essays on writing craft go beyond writing conventions to develop creatively expansive and inclusive approaches reflecting the profound experiences and histories of communities that are diasporic and dislodged, disenfranchised, in resistance.

I have taught in person through universities, writer’s organizations and conferences. My extensive online teaching has reached 60 countries and thousands of students to-date. Along with my numerous fiction and memoir workshops, I offer a series of multi-genre workshops, Writing for Social Change: Re-Dream a Just World, helping writers expand their craft and creativity while exploring social justice issues.

I am also an organizer of arts and history-focused multicultural journeys to Cuba.

Interested in working with me, or wanting more information? Contact me here.