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Writing and hard times; choices and blessings

Dear Friends,

This is a quick note, about money and writing and what moves to the center of things.

Times are hard, no? economically as well as in many ways. And, somehow, more and more writers are finding their way to me, as clients working with me individually, as participants in online classes. It surprises me but doesn’t surprise me. I know the choices I am making in terms of spending my resources.

Art and health. Good food. Films from the planet. Books I have to have. Music that reorganizes the cells of my body. Dance. Whatever will make me a better instrument. Make me open to, and learn, from, the spectrum of beings that hum in this world. Help me bring forward voice from the deepest wells. Step over the trifling. Stop marveling in a horrified way at the deadhearts, the greedy, the monumental egos. See everywhere the ones who live their stories in intricate ways with the stories of others. Who are helpers and true lovers of the world. The teachers who barely look up from their work to call themselves that.

So, that so many people make the choice now in hard times to do this work, whether with me or any other helper, or alone or in groups of other wonderful people, is not surprising. It makes sense. Deep sense. When so much is under attack, when so much is difficult, there is a purpose to this work of writing.

Some people think it is silly work, not clanking around changing the face of the planet to match their own rigid ways, or fluffing it up into their own precious paradise.

Some people in process, as we all are.

But here’s some other people, and this tells me I am in the right lane at the store to what helps make an authentic vital beauty of a life.

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project: “The project reaches out to talented and generous women author/teachers here in the United States and engages them, on a volunteer, rotating basis, to teach Afghan women online from Afghanistan…The writing workshops are taught in three secure online classrooms.”

Also see statements from the mentors at:

This is a project we can extend to other regions, yes?

Think about it…

I have to go! Work to do!

A blessing of air and light and sky to you,


4 thoughts on “Writing and hard times; choices and blessings”

  1. I went to the Awwproject and found something very fundamental shift inside me as I read the writing of these courageous women. What about a woman to woman writing project?

    I am not a famous writer…just a woman who loves to write but I could be part of a writing group or partner with another writer say in Iraq or Afghanistan or India or Chile….or the US…it is how revolutions start…when people connect and dream together. And then there is the tornadic force of women…enough to move mountians of hate when allowed to form relationships.

    I may just be a mom, former prisoner of conscience, infant poet, lover of anything that breathes and wanderer along an amazing journey, but I know it is in relationship that our dreams take wing.

    So I’m dreaming of a group that links women writers from all over the world, inviting them to join together, write together whether it be at a kitchen table, or by an oil lamp or sratched into a wall of a prison cell…I’m dreaming…

    Thanks for what you do to connect us all.


  2. Anya,

    I remember when this posted and I saved it. It electrified my cellular arrangement. Now, as I re-read it, I just feel a renewed surge of resonance with the message.

    Times are tight for many; the commercial response to holidays do not relieve an ounce of pressure, but I also know that I am in the correct lane. How I allocate my time and resources are always my choice, and I truly spent the entire day investing in my art and my marketing plan for 2011.

    And I feel a powerful sense of responsibility to massage my craft. I also have begun to share tips and tricks for beginners, and sometimes I give it away, sometimes I scale a cost, other times I barter.

    When I started a writing group, it fell apart. Then I started a new one, dropped a few members, and kept a few die-hards. We move forward and hone our skills with purpose.

    I knew you had a special energy when I met you. You prove me right all the time.

    Peace and Abundant Blessings,

    Be Light


  3. Dear Tina,

    Sorry to take so long to get back to you. Reasons are of course stories. But I have thought about this — just what you are saying here — and I know that AWWP is doing a tremendous job, and I would love to be a part of something expanded; indeed, I am, you are, part of this dream and its beginning and growing reality. Please contact me about this — at my email, or on FB.

    We are all so busy, but this? Oh, let’s find a way.

    Peace to you, be in contact,


  4. Dear Renard!

    Always so good to hear from you. You remind me of the many facets of this life we have, that there is the brilliant shining face around the corner far away, which remains, and I hope I do for others.

    You are doing wonderful work. Not surprising. And your staying in touch and going to the heart of what we do and why, this is a great blessing to me.

    Peace and Abundant Blessings, yes, and to you as well,


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