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Writers and artists and filmmakers and educators’ journeys to Cuba! And please read the article at The View from the Loft!

Here is the latest nutshell of news about the upcoming trips to Cuba for writers and others folks in the arts:

2011 Writers, Artists, and Filmmakers Research Delegations to Cuba!

February 12-20, and April, 2011.

Groups of writers, visual artists, filmmakers, educators, others, will be going to Cuba, February 12-20, and early April 2011, exact dates to be determined. The February trip will intersect with the International Book Fair in Havana, and includes a visit to nearby Matanzas, with its thriving arts scene, and Varadero Beach.

The April trip will intersect with Cuba’s “Sundance”—the Festival of Poor Cinema; we visit Holguin; Santiago de Cuba; Havana.

We meet extensively with Cuban writers, artists, filmmakers, architects, scholars and others, and individual research can be arranged. Join us!

For more information and for registration: contact me, Anya Achtenberg, at or 651.214.9248,

or see

Here is an article about the trip we took last January, just out on The View from the Loft:

Poetry is Our Only Real Country:

Writers’ Journeys to Cuba

by Anya Achtenberg

“Es la poesía la única patria real del hombre.”

(“Poetry is the only real country of human beings.”) Derbys Dominguez, poet, arts instructor, in Matanzas, Cuba

I first traveled to Cuba from Boston when I was a                              barely published poet…

oOPS. fOR THE FULL ARTICLE, PLEASE GO TO                                  a vIEW FROM THE lOFT AT:



Anya Achtenberg

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