Consider this quickly! We are going to Cuba! Writers, Artists, and Filmmakers’ Research Trip to Cuba! April 3-13, 2011

Writers, Artists, and Filmmakers’ Research Trip to Cuba! April 3-13, 2011

Writers, artists, filmmakers, and others will journey to Cuba, April 3-13.

The custom-made program includes extensive meetings with Cuban writers, artists, filmmakers, scholars and others—very special opportunities for research and connection with Cuban professionals in your field. The program is designed depending on the research needs and interests of the registered participants in the trip. We are accompanied by a wonderful Cuban guide and interpreter, so Spanish skills are not necessary.

Our journey will intersect with part of the Festival del Cine Pobre (the Festival of “Poor” Cinema) in Gibara in Holguin province. This festival of “low-budget”/alternative/independent film is called the “Sundance” of Cuba, with intelligent films representing every continent, and concerts and exhibitions in all media complementing the film events. It was started by Cuban filmmaker Humberto Solas, whose film credits include Lucia and Honey for Oshun.

We begin our  trip in Havana, to meet with members of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC), and the School of Film located in San Antonio de los Banos (founded by writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez), and other vital people in film and the literary, visual and performing arts.

Then we fly to Santiago de Cuba! Cradle of Cuban music, birthplace of the Revolution, home to immigrants from all over the Caribbean, the beginning of the Sierra Maestra Mountains, and a deep center of Afrocuban culture.

By bus, we arrive in Holguin, for the Festival of Poor Cinema, as detailed above. We will attend various meetings and activities, including the awards and the closing parties.

From there we return to Havana for farewell events, and our flight to Miami.

People who have already sent me CVs and a statement about your interest in going to Cuba, your purpose, your plans for research, what you would like to see and do, who you would like to meet, are on the top of the list.

If you think you would like to participate, please send me your CV or resume or biographical statement as soon as possible.  With that, send on your statement about what you want to do and research in Cuba.

Remember that this trip is a fully licensed delegation for people involved in the arts who will be doing research and/or investigating potential joint projects with Cuban counterparts. The trips fulfill the requirements of currentUS regulations, which are changing, but remain thorny and exclusive. The major change at this point is that students and graduate students are eligible to go if they are receiving credits for the trip (or of course satisfy the other requirements.

Please contact me with your materials, get on the list, and update me with any changes. I will be releasing exact costs and sending applications any day, which will need to be filled out and returned with your deposit.

(See my article on the 2010 Artists and Writers Delegation toCuba, here: View from the Loft:


Information, registration: contact writer Anya Achtenberg,aachtenberg@gmail.com



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