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Creative Writing Classes Online Start January 12. Claiming Our Stories: The Power of Autobiography and Autobiographical Fiction, at

Almost 2012…

Dear Writers,

Looking for a place to push your work to the next step? Do it online with me and a group of varied and dedicated writers, at  —  you know how the beginning of the year is; it is the perfect time to rededicate yourself to bringing your writing forward, going to the next level in your craft, getting a fuller sense of the long term projects and writing goals you have, and building your writers’ community.

I will again be teaching 2 classes online for on the net, beginning January 12, 2012:  Claiming Our Stories: Working with the Power of Autobiography and Autobiographical Fiction, Parts One and Two. These are each 10-week courses for writers of both memoir/creative nonfiction and fiction.

For full descriptions and registration, please go to

For questions about content or the workings of the class, email me at aachtenberg at

I will also be accepting clients for one to one work, long distance and in person, on full-length projects in progress, short works, and craftwork and coaching to bring your writing forward, whether prose or poetry, fiction or nonfiction.  Contact me soon to schedule our work together.

And I will continue teaching my independent online workshops this winter, and will release class descriptions and schedules soon. If you have studied with me before and know you want to continue, contact me at and I will be sure to let you know as soon as possible what courses I am considering teaching — then let me know your preferences.  Same for writers new to working with me, and interested.

But check out my courses at and find a story you might not have expected, or bring forward the ones you have been wanting to write.

Contact at

So much to write.

Peace, and story,

Anya Achtenberg

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