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News! Creative Writing Workshop: Writing Place and Placelessness Friday, Sept 23, 2022, 1:00-3:00 pm EST

for the International Women’s Writing Guild

Free Write with
Anya Achtenberg Sefara-Rabi

Writing Place and Placelessness

A sense-of-place writing workshop to address place in a world of historical amnesia, diaspora, flight, trauma that knocks us out of place, gentrification; place as investment property, as profit. The poisoning of the sacred. Climate catastrophe. 

All this with a deeper dive into craft than conventional approaches—ways of working with craft that liberate and focus our writing, that work with a specificity that goes beyond having “lotsa details”. A deep dive into craft that helps make place in writing for you, your experience. And, of course, time for generative writing explorations—

And, oh, we will write.

ANYA ACHTENBERG SEFARA-RABI is an award-winning fiction writer and poet whose publications include the novel Blue Earth; novella The Stories of Devil-Girl; poetry collections The Stone of Language, and, I Know What the Small Girl Knew. Individual pieces are published in numerous literary magazines and anthologies, including Gargoyle Magazine; Harvard Review; DC’s Beltway Poetry Quarterly; Tupelo Quarterly; Journal of Feminist Studies in  Religion; Malpais Review; and Poet Lore.

Writing awards and distinctions have come from Southern Poetry Review; Another Chicago Magazine;Coppola’s Zoetrope: All-Story; New Letters; the Raymond Carver Story Contest; the Minnesota State Arts Board, and others.

Her novel History Artist, multivocal and genre-bending, with an ensemble cast of characters centered around a young Cambodian woman born at the moment the U.S. invasion began, is 5 minutes away from completion in novelist time; and, close, too, is a poetry and unprose collection, Matadors at the Crossing. Her occasional blog Writing in Upheaval explores Anya’s organic approach to writing craft that expands creativity; counters historical amnesia; and examines how trauma and narration connect, and how history sits in us.

Anya teaches two series of fiction, memoir, and multi-genre creative writing courses, Writing for Social Change: Re-Dream a Just World Workshops; and, The Disobedient Writer Workshops; consults with writers of fiction and nonfiction, prose and poetry, in English and in Spanish; and is blown away by the brilliant, original, diverse and urgent work of engaged writers, women and others, who have found their way to her, and to each other. See 


2 thoughts on “News! Creative Writing Workshop: Writing Place and Placelessness Friday, Sept 23, 2022, 1:00-3:00 pm EST”

  1. Oh, Anya, I am so inspired by the range and depth of your work….Thank you for bringing this excellent writing to us and thank you for the informative workshop you just led us in through IWW today…September 23, 2022….I look forward to reading more of your writing.

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  2. Thank you, Lilith!! I enjoyed it so much. I love when my material comes fully alive with so many fascinating people discussing it and writing from what we do together. Looking forward to teaching the full course: Place and Exile/Borders and Crossings, soon.


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